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Islands in the Stream (read this comic)

Status: Complete

Date: 2018

Length: 3 pages

I took my friend's ultra cute tale of the beginning of fall, and made this comic in a couple of days.
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Aquariums (read this comic)

Status: Complete

Date: 2012-2013

Length: 20 pages

Adapted from Randy Wyatt's original dramatic monologue, "Aquariums" is a girl coming to terms with the relationships between both her mother and her estranged father.

Original dramatic monologue by Randy Wyatt.

Art & comics adaptation by Christopher López.

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Dedos (read this comic)

Status: Not updated in years. Two complete chapters.

Date: 2000 - 2005

Length: Serial episodes range anywhere from 5 to 40 pages.

Dedos Gros is an outcast elf, fascinated by human society. High fantasy adventures take him to such places like the land of Faerie, dragon's lairs, and high-flying airships.

Written, drawn, and colored by Christopher López.

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Balloon / Animal (read this comic)

Status: Complete

Date: 2002-2003

Length: 6 pages

A mysterious clown tries his best to make a sad boy a little bit happier, but first he has to figure out what is wrong with him.

Submitted to Dark Horse Comics upon completion. Have yet to hear back.

Story by Christopher López & Tony Mayse. Written, drawn, & colored by Chris, color assist/inspiration from Tony.

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Sex (read this comic)

Status: Complete

Date: 2001

Length: 24 pages

A comic experiment: 24 pages in 24 continuous hours. This story is about my sexual coming-of-age, spanning the final year of high school on through my college years. Re-scanned on 2002-10-05.

Minors should not read this comic.

Written & drawn by Christopher López.
The 24-Hour comic challenge is all Scott McCloud's idea.

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Valentine's Night Out (read this comic)

Status: Complete

Date: 2004

Length: 34 panels

Collaboration with Dan Hess. Guys, girls and guns!
Dan & I got together for this project via ComixPedia's Blind Date event (where a bunch of artists threw their name in a hat and got randomly paired up).

Written by Christopher López & Dan Hess. Drawn by Christopher López. Colors by Dan Hess.

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Hamthology Volume 1: The Quest (read this comic)

Status: Complete (preview available)

Date: 2007

Length: 12 pages + pinup

I was invited to help out my friend pOnju with his story, "The Adventures of Captain Ribeye: The World Tree" as part of the Hamthology comics anthology. I did shading and lettering and some assists with the dialogue. I also provided a pin-up and additional art for the anthology.

by Henry Chiu & Christopher López.

Full version for sale here.

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